Globe Earth

249 countries (by ISO 3166-1) and 50 states of USA in this app. Easy to play Globe by gesture control. Double-taps to link to Wikipedia, and choose realistic flags. Play national anthems.

Clocks of Cities

What time is it? Cities around the world use various clock time by timezone. When New York is daylight, but Tokyo is in night. This app show cities on globe-earth and their clocks. Some city-clock will be adjusted in DST (Daylight Saving Time) period.



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Find Open-Data resources on internet. Collect information.


Use Xcode for iOS, and Android Studio for Android. OpenGL for graphics.

People Love Us

Globe Earth got 4.2 of 5 stars on iOS, and got 4.2 out of 5 stars on Android.

Clocks of Cities got 4.2 out of 5 on iOS, and got 4.4 out of 5 stars on Android.

Globe Earth APP

“If like National anthem Because it is Instrumental You can sing it if know the words! Best App I seen!” — EnchantngYT 2019/7/30

Globe Earth APP

“これめちゃんこいいですよ。 国旗がたなびく姿がかっこいいし、音質もいい。 操作もしやすい上に地球儀として見れるのもGood 領土がハッキリと分かるのが良かったし、個人的に北方領土を完全にロシアのものと扱ってないのも配慮が見られる! 多くの言語に対応してるから英語勉強中の人とかには国名を英語で覚えられるんじゃないかな?? とにかく使いやすい” — リチウムの素 2019/4/27

Clocks of Cities APP

“This app is absolutely brilliant. The globe is in 3D, and shows time zones by colored cities. I did not read the instruction, but could use it right away. One can add and remove any city with just two clicks. For me, now it is possible to see in one glance the time in the US East Coast, West Europe, and the Middle East. Great work, this is how programming should be done, makes me happy! My compliments to the maker. My only (minor) remark: I wish some more big cities could be added, for instance Aleppo.” — caseiokey 2017/1/30

Clocks of Cities APP

“Pretty fun interface too, once you take the time to understand it. I really like the design concept of showing selected times on a globe. For quick reference, it is probably not the most efficient time application, but the logic of presenting times on a rotatable, resizable earth globe hooked me.” — ITgreybeard 2019/11/05